Talk to me about Dies.

2022.01.27 20:59 DudeDogDangle Talk to me about Dies.

So, I’m picking up a RCBS Supreme next week, I’m completely new to reloading, and the world of dies seems confusing. I plan to reload .30-06, and 6.5CM for hunting. I don’t require an extreme degree of accuracy. But why not get the most out of my loads, if possible?
That said, do I need a die that crimps? Is that bullet/case dependent?
Are micrometer dies better? Are they a handsome convenience, or more of something additional to fiddle with?
Where is the quality line drawn between dies? There seems to be Honda Civic quality dies, and Mercedes quality dies. What’s something worth paying for, and what’s not?
So far I’m looking at Forster micrometenon-micrometer dies, Redding dies, or perhaps LE Wilson.
I DO NOT plan to neck size, I plan to fill length size only.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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2022.01.27 20:59 ShimoSpark The Peak Fiction shelf

Some of the games I’m really happy to have physical copies ofshelf
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2022.01.27 20:59 Techhead17 Interface timer

Hi I'd like to be able to have the minimalist interface run automatically on my phone within specific times i.e. the minimalist display running between 9am-5pm and normal display outside of those times. Is this feature available in the app?
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2022.01.27 20:59 JakeLovesTheDraft Cowboys Draft Notes 1.27: If Dallas can’t retain its free agents, then it may have to draft for needs over BPA

Cowboys Draft Notes 1.27: If Dallas can’t retain its free agents, then it may have to draft for needs over BPA Dallas defensive end Randy Gregory is considered one of the Cowboys’ biggest free agents to hit the market.
But he’s just one of several of the team’s unrestricted free agents who should draw plenty of attention around the league.
Others include:
  • Wide receiver: Michael Gallup, who tore his ACL late in the season, and Cedrick Wilson Jr. are two of four Cowboys receivers who are now free agents.
  • Tight end: Dalton Schultz is coming off his best statistical year.
  • Safety: The team’s top three safeties – including starting strong safety Jayron Kearse, who led the team in tackles – are free agents.
  • Left guard: Former second-round pick Connor Williams finished with a 76.6 PFF grade.
  • Linebacker: Recent first-rounder Leighton Vander Esch is a former Pro Bowler, and safety-turned LB Keanu Neal is a Dan Quinn holdover from Atlanta.
It’s been surmised that Dallas will try to retain Gregory, as that’s a position – defensive end – that’s hardest to find Pro Bowl-quality. But that’s also the reason why Dallas might not be able to afford Gregory, especially if another team offers him a lucrative contract.
Losing any of those starters will inevitably have an impact on the team next year, especially if Dallas is unable to find a comparable replacement through bargain-bin free agency or the draft.
But one thing that’s not being discussed: Does Dallas really want to re-sign any of these players? Consider the following:
  • Gregory’s issues and reasons behind his missed time are well document. The most sacks he’s ever had in a season is 6, accomplished twice (including this season), and the most games he’s played in for a single season is 14 games. He played in 12 this season. And this image could be a lasting image for Cowboys’ brass when negotiations start.
  • Gallup, as previously mentioned, won’t be available to start the season after suffering an ACL tear late in the season.
  • Schultz had his best statistical season but took a step back with his blocking.
  • Is Kearse a one-year wonder? Can he duplicate what he did this season?
  • Williams, with 14 penalties, was the most-flagged player in the league this year.
  • Will LVE ever live up to his rookie year?
And here’s two more nuclear offseason moves to consider that’s not related to free agency:
  • What if LT Tyron Smith retires?
  • Will the team try to trade RT La’el Collins, who’s missed more time the past two seasons than Smith?
That’s right, in a worst-case scenario, it’s possible the Cowboys could lose Gregory, Gallup, Wilson, Schultz, Kearse, Williams, and LVE, among others. And add in the possibility of also losing Cooper, Smith and Collins.
That’s 10 players who could be on a different roster next season.
There’s no way a team can recover from that kind of mass exodus, especially with little salary cap wiggle room, but the team can put a dent into it with smart drafting.
Dallas has seven picks in this year’s draft. They can reach 10 picks by trading down or by making a few pre-draft moves, including:
  • Trade Collins for a second- (wishful thinking) or a third-round pick (more realistic).
  • Trade DT Trysten Hill for a sixth-round pick.
  • Trade DB Reggie Robinson for a seventh-round pick.
That gives the team 10 picks, but you can’t count on anyone drafted on Day 3 to start in Year 1 – fifth- through seventh-rounders are just lucky to make the team.
So Day 3 of the draft should focus on adding players from positions of which you can find rookie contributors. You can typically find interior offensive linemen, linebackers and safeties in the later parts of the draft – all positions of need for Dallas. The team also needs a run-stopping 1-tech, another position you can find late on Day 3 (like this year’s sixth-round rookie out of Kentucky, Quinton Bohanna.)
You typically have to draft a pass rusher early if you want to find one who’s capable of double-digit sacks, but this is a deep year for the position. That means Dallas can wait until rounds 2 or even 3 to take one and still get a quality player who’s at least a rotational player his rookie year and likely has more upside than this year’s third-rounder, Chauncey Golston out of Iowa.
Offensive tackle suddenly becomes the Cowboys’ top need if Smith decides to retire or if Collins is traded or released. You can find a starting-caliber OT in the bottom-half of the first round, where Dallas will draft, but there’s no guarantee any of those players are still available in Round 2. In other words, if there’s a run on tackles before pick 24, and if Dallas needs to draft a rookie starter at that position, then it may have to reach for one, meaning, the team might have to take a tackle with second-round grades in Round 1.
Likewise, receiver could be a major need, too, depending on what Dallas does in free agency and with Cooper. As previously mentioned, Dallas is in the sweet-spot for receivers at the back end of Round 1, but the talent drops off after that. That means the team is guaranteed of getting a rookie starter if it takes a receiver on Day 1, but it’s no sure thing the team can find a rookie starter after that.
So, what happens when you factor all this and go with a needs-based draft? It would look something like this:
Dallas Cowboys' needs-based draft 1.27.22

Round 1: OL Kenyon Green, Texas A&M
In this scenario, Green would be the team’s new RT, the position he played the most this past season. While most publications list Green as a guard due in part to his size, at 6-foot-4, 325-pounds, Green is actually bigger than Collins was at his Combine (6-foot-4, 305 pounds). And if Green and/or Smith return, then you can insert Green as the team’s starting left guard. Green would almost certainly be an upgrade over Williams or Connor McGovern at LG, so here’s the question the team would need to ask: If they play him instead at RT, would he be an upgrade over Collins next season or the year after that?
Round 2: Edge Jermaine Johnson II, Florida State
It would be a coup if the 6-foot-5, 262-pound former Georgia transfer lasted all the way to the bottom half of Round 2. Johnson had 70 tackles, 17.5 TFLs, 11.5 sacks, 2 PDs, 1 FR and 2 FFs in his lone season at Florida State and would immediately fill in for Gregory, should he leave in free agency.
Round 3: S Jaquan Brisker, Penn State (*via Collins trade)
Another player who might not last this long – if he does, then expect Brisker to become the highest-drafted safety for Dallas since taking former Georgia Southern safety J.J. Wilcox in the third-round of the 2013 draft. Even if Brisker is gone, the Cowboys should still have a shot at Baylor’s Jalen Pitre or Illinois Kerby Joseph, among others.
Round 3: WR Jalen Tolbert, Southern Alabama
One of the most under-rated receivers in this draft. The 6-foot-3, 190-pound redshirt junior has put together back-to-back 1,000-yard receiving yards, including this season when he caught 82 passes for 1,474 yards and 8 TDs.
Round 4: G Jamaree Salyer, Georgia
Late in the fourth round is probably too late to find a starting-caliber guard, but Salyer isn’t your typical linemen, either, as he helped pave the way to a national championship as Georgia’s left tackle. Worst case, Salyer competes with McGovern as the starting LG, then steps in as the starter in Year 2 when McGovern becomes a free agent. Best case, Salyer starts right away and holds down the LG spot for the next 10-plus years.
Round 4: WR Slade Bolden, Alabama
While Lamb, Cooper and UFA’s Gallup and Wilson can all play the slot, the 5-foot-11, 191-pound Bolden is a slot receiver by trade. He caught 42 passes for 408 yards and 3 TDs.
Round 5: DL Noah Elliss, Idaho
The Cowboys get a massive, 6-foot-7, 367-pound run-stuffing 1-tech in Ellis. He may have come from a small school, but he has NFL bloodlines: His father, Luther, is the DL coach for Idaho and is a former NFL All-Pro player, and his older brother plays for the New Orleans Saints.
Round 6: LB Vi Jones, N.C. State (*via Hill trade)
Waiting until the sixth round to take a linebacker means you’re probably not getting a rookie starter, but Jones would be a great pickup. The 6-foot-3, 227-pound Austin Westlake graduate started his career at USC, then transferred to N.C. State, where he was considered one of the fastest linebackers in the conference. He blocked three kicks as a junior for N.C. State while picking up 35 tackles and 3 sacks in just four starts, then started five games this past season and finished with 45 tackles and had a team-leading six sacks. Jones would also be a sentimental pick. His father, Robert Jones, started at middle linebacker for the ‘90s Cowboys and won three Super Bowls.
Round 6: TE Isaiah Likely, Coastal Carolina
The 6-foot-4, 240-pound Likely isn’t going to win any blocking awards, so if you’re already frustrated by Schultz’s blocking prowess, then you won’t be impressed with this pick. But Likely is a far superior athlete and is more like a hybrid receiver than a traditional TE. Likely finished his season with 59 receptions for 912 yards and 12 TDs – all reasons why he could be picked much higher. To put those numbers into perspective, Texas A&M’s Jalen Wydermyer, considered by many to be the top TE in this draft, had 40 receptions for 515 yards and 4 TDs this past season.
Round 7: S Reed Blankenship, Middle Tennessee (*via Robinson trade)
Here’s another player who might not last this long. The 6-foot-1, 204-pound senior came back for an extra year and put up career-best numbers: 110 tackles, 10 TFLs, 1 sack, 8 PDs, 3 FRs and 2 FFs. His five-year career numbers are even better: 419 tackles, 26.5 TFLs, 9 INTs and 19 PDs. Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy called him “one of the best single-high” free safeties in last year’s draft back when it was presumed Blankenship was entering the 2021 draft and said Blankenship has been compared favorably to All Pro Kevin Byard, a former Middle Tennessee safety. However, if Blankenship is long gone, several other safeties could still be available, including Virginia’s Joey Blount, Kentucky’s Yusuf Corker, Alabama’s Daniel Wright, Iowa State’s Greg Eisworth and Iowa’s Jack Koerner.

Coming Friday, Jan. 27: What a Cowboys draft might look like that takes a best-available-player approach.
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2022.01.27 20:59 Queenof_Rainbow 119k Members here :) I need Karma and you need Karma! Everyone will be voted back!

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2022.01.27 20:59 DustintheWeend Probably will say “it was greatest disaster in the pass 100 year’s “

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2022.01.27 20:59 ALX13-95 Why is there only one guy, with touchscreen, who has fc'd original Astosexy with dt?

Why no one can't do it, like mrekk, or other top players. Is there a problem with fcing it, or they just didn't know about it?
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2022.01.27 20:59 Ok_Understanding5500 Hey Crypto Bro's WE ARE HIRING 🍋 Visit Lemonn 🍋 Utility token 🔥

Hey Crypto Bro's WE ARE HIRING 🍋 Visit Lemonn 🍋 Utility token 🔥
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2022.01.27 20:59 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-90184

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2022.01.27 20:59 SkeletonCrew_ Is there nowhere left in town to watch strippers?

Now that I'm triple vaxxed and recently infected I feel like I want to celebrate by watching naked women while drinking overpriced drinks, and it seems all the places I knew of are closed (fox, monty's for a long time obviously). Surely Langford has some hole in the wall joint to watch some peelers?
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2022.01.27 20:59 Mercer179 WCGW putting electric shock muscle stimulators on both my arms

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2022.01.27 20:59 VMP13 Just wondering if I actually am, it’d be nice to know I guess

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2022.01.27 20:59 ReflectionNumerous89 Looking for advice on shoes

Hi im 21m and I've never really had money growing up so i always had the cheapest shoes we could get. now that i have my own money i want to buy a good pair of shoes. im a size 15 so i am pretty limited in what i can find at a store i wanted to see if anyone had a good place too look or website.
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2022.01.27 20:59 mistertoughguyman [35M] song quotes/discussion and a rabbit pic <-rabbit

Hold your glass up, hold it in Never betray the way you've always known it is
we are often talked out of 'knowing'. the world loves to be right and to make others wrong in the process. it's a reminder to remain confident and true to self.
If I could have it back All the time that we wasted I'd only waste it again
there is no such thing as wasted time. when it is said 'wasted', a subjective model of value is attached, based upon the attachers idea of importance. what do they know?
prolly not much. like me. i don't know anything.
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2022.01.27 20:59 postapocalypticpapi9 Ask Anything About Anarchy Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2022.01.27 20:59 balasoori Episode 3: I'm Sorry, But? Discussion

Sam tries to win over Brit by making an amends at her birthday party. Unfortunately, Sam wasn't invited, and neglects Felicia. Meanwhile, when Sam's probation officer stops by, Carol struggles to explain Sam's "situation: to her friends.
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2022.01.27 20:59 Carlos_TheAnomaly I found myself in a school-like level. Anyone have any idea where I am?

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2022.01.27 20:59 AbleNefariousness0 Write that down!

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2022.01.27 20:59 Jennifer2121- Disney College Program in Anaheim

Is there a dcp in Anaheim? I looked at the application for Fall 2022 and only saw the location for Walt Disney World and not Disneyland in Anaheim. I read online that there is a Disney College program in Anaheim but I don’t know where to apply. It’s my first time applying!
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2022.01.27 20:59 emmeencream My beautiful baby Winnie 😻 he's gonna be 5 in May. He's my world 🥰

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2022.01.27 20:59 goodreportpro Will do, sir! I imagine you are doing a lot of working from home lately!

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2022.01.27 20:59 fnorrell Treats for the crew

So I always try to bring something for the crew even if it’s just a bag of candy.
Anything in particular you would want?
I know you all have a tough job and I have seen some really shitty passengers in action.
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2022.01.27 20:59 rslashbootyhole Meanwhile they're de-sexy-ing my Trans green M&M :(

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2022.01.27 20:59 DJRyot If you want/ed to die and you haven't, why are you still alive?

I'm having a really hard time finding a reason to keep going. My love life is confusing, my mental health makes it impossible to hold a job, I don't qualify for disability somehow and disability doesn't provide enough to live.
I will never be able to live a normal life. I've tried my hardest, but I will always need someone to support me.
It all compounds and makes me want to give up. I'll have dreams I'll never be able to accomplish.
I don't want to die. But dying is starting to seem better than the alternative. Which is living through a hell scape.
What can I do. What are some of the reasons you are alive? How do you keep moving?
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2022.01.27 20:59 fingers 1935. Get back to focusing on the CLASS WAR, Comrades.

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