What petty thing has your administration done recently that just infuriated you?

A recently released ratings poll shows Fox News is king and CNN is drowning. CNN saw massive declines, shedding nearly 90% of its early 2021 audience. Last year, from January 4 – 10 CNN enjoyed a brief post-election spike and was averaging 2.7 million viewers but the numbers from last week paint a very different picture. Hi, John. Exceptional writing here and I loved every word. In Ireland, the ‘health’ service ‘executive’ has been shouting out the numbers of those: 1) diagnosed with covid; 2) those in hospital with covid; and 3) those in ICU with covid on a daily basis with literally no demographic context. If you had somebody actually sit you down and explain they were going to kill you, that is unusual, and I would first suspect some third party leftist group saw you were being gangstalked when they put a PI on you, and sent somebody in to try and exploit the situation by pretending to be Cabal’s ground operation. Wow. Semantic crap in the last sentence, which doesn't even make any logical sense. He's not claiming he owns the Company, even though you bizarrely claim he has ownership, just a few words earlier in the same sentence. He's using the standard English word "my" to refer to the Company he is a part of and leads. The Atoner: Gao regrets that he ever decided to collaborate with Japan and now seeks to fight for China's influence to atone for his mistake.; Bookends: One of the first events for China is Gao taking a morning walk near Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Tomb in Nanking, wondering if the Chinese people will ever be free again.If Gao's modernizations fail and his actions lead to a stronger Japanese presence in ... With This Ring is a Self-Insert Young Justice (2010) fanfic written by Mr Zoat.It features him as Orange Lantern 2814, and a founding member of The Team, after he mysteriously appears in near-Earth space wearing a power ring at the beginning of July 2010 (canon season 1).His presence, meta-knowledge, and powers have increasing ripple effects as time goes on, thoroughly altering or derailing ... The ONE thing that WM and HR corruption , lies , and ineptitude has in common is a bigger corrupt and lying inept Broadcast and MSM , IF they were doing their jobs properly and had ANY integrity they would EXPOSE the cesspits of WM and HR , the public would maybe then realise just how incompetent these clowns really are "Don't worry, we will take care of you, my dear. Just hang in there." Needless to say, Kazuya's initial impression of the Kingdom of Elfrieden was not exactly positive.-----Author's Note: This one would sort of write itself. I would just have to reread the original source material again. A confidential trove of government documents obtained by The Washington Post reveals that senior U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year ... Daily U.S. military news updates including military gear and equipment, breaking news, international news and more.

2022.01.27 20:19 csplonk What petty thing has your administration done recently that just infuriated you?

I need some comiseration. For example, the past two weeks our school in Dallas has been operating on a skeleton crew. Literally 25% of staff were sick/absent. AND YET. Every email/note the admin sent during those weeks included a reminder that “staff mandatory working hours last until 3:45pm. Please do not leave any earlier than your contracted hours”.
Really? You have to be pedantic about leaving five minutes early when I am covering classes, missing my planning period, losing my support staff time etc?? Is it really the time???
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2022.01.27 20:19 TouchyInBeddedEngr New to NYC. What's the name of the demon that taps on the radiator until the ghosts make its tea?

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2022.01.27 20:19 mysupersneakyacct My plug sent me a pic of his first cook ever and is gonna bring me a g later to sample. What's it look like I'm in store for?

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2022.01.27 20:19 Yuaialysis Anyone else struggle with abbreviations?

It always takes me a minute to figure out abbreviations unless I use them in every day speech. Like for States and Organizations especially. I never get the states right, I be feeling so dumb.
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2022.01.27 20:19 TheDeztro Czechoslovakia brought back

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2022.01.27 20:19 PhilipMCYU2 What was the first thing you noticed?

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2022.01.27 20:19 lordjords Helpful advice needed

Hello everyone,
Perhaps you can give me some advice for this situation I've gotten myself into.
This girl I met and I have a deeply spiritual connection like I met her in another life.
We went on a date and it went great, we kissed and almost hooked up by the end but ended up getting cock blocked my friend. After that she invited me to her family's house for Christmas and then to meet up with her and her friends some days later at the skatepark. At the skate park she pulled out some magic beans and we took them. This is where I messed up because turns out these magic beans make me talk too much and I ended up admitting to her that I wanted to be in a relationship with her. She said she needed some time and needless to say things between us were different after that.
She would message me here and there but not like before. She even came to visit me a week or so later and we ended up cuddling and napping together. After this she still had the same texting pattern so I began to pull back but as I pull back she starts texting me more, calling me cute and whatnot although often she would begin a conversation then leave me on read. I told her I don't have time for that and she apologized which was okay and she improved on it a little bit. Skip to last time we hung out, it was okay but not like any of the times before that. It was more closed and she is giving a vibe like she has some kind of block to opening up to me. There is also a language barrier between us as she speaks Spanish with a little bit of English and I speak English with a little bit of Spanish.
What do I do? How do I get this girl to open up to me? How can I seduce this girl? How do I get this girl's heart? Any approaches to this situation you would suggest?
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2022.01.27 20:19 New_Preparation4224 sobre mãe

hoje aconteceu uma coisa muito simbólica pra mim. minha mãe falou de um assunto que eu me abri com ela há uns meses e disse “quando você me contou isso, uma parte de mim morreu. você não podia ter me contado isso, eu sinto vergonha de você ter feito isso” e eu fiquei sem palavras, só fiquei encarando ela desacreditada. minha tia (irmã dela), pelo contrário, falou comigo semana passado, sobre o mesmo assunto, ela disse “eu fiquei muito feliz de você ter se sentido confortável pra falar comigo sobre isso, achei muita coragem e parceria da sua parte”.
minha mãe nunca foi minha mãe, sempre foi minha tia. é a primeira pessoa que eu penso em ligar, quem sempre tá lá por mim, que se preocupa mais, que é compreensiva, que me ama independente de tudo. minha mãe só me ama se eu faço o que ela quer.
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2022.01.27 20:19 Angelbaka [NEO] The Reality Chip

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2022.01.27 20:19 Elisevs China is furious at Keanu Reeves

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2022.01.27 20:19 acoloma What happened to www.carlosjanderson.com? Unable to see content

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2022.01.27 20:19 kiwispacemarine A Course of Action Part 77 - It Begins

| First | Previous | Next |
U.N. General Assembly Hall, United Nations Building, United States, Earth. 2037 A.D. Seven Weeks Later.
Jeffery Kain, Interim-President of the United Nations Defence Coalition, Secretary General of the United Nations and Commander In Chief of the Coalition Space Force, stood before the General Assembly. Behind him towered the large golden United Nations emblem and below the emblem were three flags. The first two were recognisable as the familiar blue flag of the U.N., and it’s black, militaristic counterpart that served as the banner of the Coalition. The final flag, also black, depicted a Delta symbol surrounded by a wreath, all emblazoned in white; the symbol of Coalition Space Command.
Arranged on a tripod before the President was a video camera. The camera was linked to a vast network of cables that would transmit his message along the Deep Space Network to the Coalition soldiers on Peregark.
The hour, he reflected, had finally come. Operation: Final Act, was to commence. Today, if successful, would go down in history as E-Day, the endgame of the War that humanity had been dragged into what seemed a lifetime ago. All he had to do was give a short speech, then the largest invasion force in the history of mankind would go marching off into battle. The preparations for the invasion had taken time, a month longer than the Security Council had thought. But, they had done it and soon, if all went well, their preparations would pay off.
Trillions of kilometres away, the five million soldiers that would make the first wave of the landing force were assembled in formation on an unfathomably large parade ground. They were facing a large screen that had taken almost as long to assemble as the army had. Below the screen, sitting on a raised platform and almost invisible to the soldiers at the back of the parade, was General Henderson and other staff officers. They were there to see off the soldiers as they boarded the spacecraft that would take them to Capital.
To the left of the parade ground was the launch pads for the gargantuan spacecraft. Helicopters and fighter jets buzzed around the starships like bees around a flower, on guard against a surprise attack.
Elsewhere on the planet, the other Coalition soldiers and military personnel who would be involved in the assault crowded around T.V. screens and laptops, waiting for the President to give his words of farewell.
On Earth, Kain checked his watch for what seemed the umpteenth time. On Peregark, the large screen, as well as smaller ones dotted around the parade ground, flickered to life.
At precisely 08:45, E.S.T., he began his speech.
“Soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and astronauts of the Coalition,” he began, “You are embarking on what is probably the most important military mission in the history of man.”
“Your ultimate goal, the capture of Capital, is not fought for some idea of conquest, personal glory or other selfish gain. Instead, when you fight on alien soil, know that you will be fighting for the survival of the human race, against a foe that has shown no compunction against using terrible weapons against civilian targets. A foe that, given the opportunity, would wipe humanity from the face of the Universe.”
At the airbase that the B-7 bomber force was stationed at, Colonel Holland listened to the President’s words as he put on his space suit.
“We will not let them get that chance,” Kain declared, “For today, January 21st 2037 is E-Day. A day that will go down in history as the day that humanity said ‘no more!’ to the lies and tyranny of the Consortium. The day that humanity defended its right to survive! The day that we, as one people, rose up and cast down the corrupt system that has destroyed the lives of millions!”
Holland nodded his head in silent agreement as he fastened the clasps on his helmet. Walking out of the pilot barracks with Major Reece and Lieutenant Klaus in tow, he made his way to where Reaper-1 was standing. The strategic space bomber was silhouetted by the morning sun, making it look like a majestic bird of prey.
On the screen, Kain paused to let his words sink in.
“And when it is done,” he said grandly, “the world and the galaxy shall know that we did not do this just for ourselves, but for all the sentient races in the galaxy!”
Holland activated the engines on the B-7 Punisher and slowly levitated the massive aircraft into the sky.
“Members of the Coalition Armed Forces, I wish you good luck,” Kain concluded his speech, “Good luck and Godspeed!”
At that moment, there was a tremendous roar as the two hundred B-7 Punisher bombers soared over the parade ground. The take-off had been timed to the minute so that their flyover would coincide with the conclusion of the President’s address.
A cheer was let out from the assembled soldiers as the aircraft passed by, a cheer that was quickly drowned out by the screech of jet engines.
As soon as the formation had flown over and the sound of the aircraft engines faded into the wind, a new sound made its way to the ears of the assembled soldiers.
“Parade will advance! Quick… March!” someone bellowed in a voice that would have carried to the soldiers at the rear of the vast parade even without the array of microphones and speakers dotted everywhere.
Slowly, the soldiers began to march off the parade ground and towards the fleet of transport ships and shuttles that would carry them into battle. The soldiers of the World Army were arranged by country, and as each nationality marched past General Henderson and the other staff officers, their journey was accompanied by march music from that nation.
The first army off the parade ground was the Bundeswehr. As the first battalions of the German army marched off, the band began to play the fife and drums of the Lockmarsch, which gave way to the bombastic fanfare of the Badenweiler Marsch.
The Americans had the 'Battle Cry of Freedom’, the Chinese sounded off to the ‘March of the Armed Forces’ and the British Army was accompanied by the ‘British Grenadiers’.
The parade continued, cycling through each nationality. Somehow, the musicians managed to make the transition from each style of march music fairly painless and non-jarring.
As the soldiers marched past the stage, they would sharply look to their right and give crisp salutes to General Henderson and the other flag officers, who would return the gesture. Henderson noticed drily that his arm was going to get very sore, very quickly. The sound of thousands of boots hitting the concrete in unison threatened to drown out the music at times and the podium shook with the vibrations of each footstep.
The last army off the field was the Russian army, who marched off to ‘Let’s Go!’, the old Soviet tune filling the men who heard it with pride, courage and a sense of duty.
At least, that’s what the history books would say, Henderson mused wryly as the last men left the ground. Grateful at the chance to finally drop his arm after holding it in a salute for what seemed like forever, he watched as the mass of soldiers and Marines milled about the giant transporters. Soon, they would be dropping from orbit above Capital. And all the Consortium would be able to do was watch.
Travelling through Warpspace, the B-7 fleet rocketed towards Capital. As they neared the enemy planet, Colonel Holland checked his instruments and the status of the engines and anti-gravity. Unlike the previous bomber raids, they would not be sneaking in. They’d be going in guns blazing and Holland wanted to make certain that all his manoeuvring options were open. He didn’t particularly feel like dying today. It would somewhat pathetic, considering his previous near-death encounters.
“All systems appear to be at green,” he said after a few minutes, “I’ll re-check our targets,” he told Reece, who nodded. Holland looked at the thick sheath of documents they had been given the day before.
“Right,” he said, “Just as I thought,” he murmured. After taking out any orbital targets of opportunity, they would proceed to enter the atmosphere and taking out ground-based defences and airbases in Sectors One, Three and Seven.
Hopefully they would make it through unscathed.
“Coming up on Target now, sir,” Major Reece reported after fifteen minutes.
“Roger. Stand by to exit Warpspace,” Holland answered.
“Roger, standing by.”
“Warpspace exit, thirty seconds,” Holland said, reading off the flight computer’s display.
“Twenty seconds,”
A cold, detached, business-like atmosphere settled over the bomber as the crew prepared to make their attack. Lieutenant Klaus made some final adjustments to the targeting systems, Holland did one last check of the instruments and Reece kept a tight grip on the Warpspace Drive control lever.
A klaxon started buzzing and a green light began flashing, alerting the crew that they were coming up on Capital.
“Now?” Reece asked Holland, who nodded.
Pulling back on the red Warpspace Drive control levers, the pilots brought their gigantic spaceplane back to sub-light speeds. Holland saw the IFF tags of other bombers on the radar.
“Good, we’re not the only ones who made it,” he noted.
“I’m picking up a lot of enemy contacts sir,” Reece reported, “At least two dozen enemy ships are headed towards us.”
“Roger. Bombardier, you are clear to engage.”
“Yes sir,” Klaus replied.
The bomber formation moved ever closer to Capital and the enemy ships defending it. As soon as they were in range, the craft fired on the enemy fleet. Starships, orbital defence satellites, orbital shipyards, all were hit by the nuclear-tipped cruise missiles the bombers carried. Before the defenders could recover, the bombers had entered the atmosphere and were zooming towards their ground-based targets. Anti-air fire flashed all around them as they descended through the clouds, but the bomber’s stealth systems prevented any of the alien weapons from getting a lock on them.
Taking the aircraft low to avoid radar, Holland expertly manoeuvred Reaper-1 past skyscrapers and other obstructions. Although they were flying at supersonic speeds, he imagined he could hear the distant wail of air-raid sirens as they sped towards their first target: An interceptor missile site with long-range scanning installations.
“Approaching first target, sir,” Reece reported.
“Roger,” acknowledged the Colonel, “Bombardier, you may fire when ready.”
“Yes sir,” Klaus replied, his eyes glued to his monitors. One of the monitors showed a green box on an otherwise black screen that represented the bomber. The box was slowly moving towards a larger box, which represented the target. The Lieutenant watched as the bomber moved closer and closer to that box, until the words ‘WEAPONS RELEASE’ began flashing at the top of the screen.
“Bombs away!” he called out as he pressed the necessary buttons, opening the bomb bay doors and dropping the first of three conventional bomb loads onto the base below.
The bombs slowly, even gracefully, sailed down to the ground in the planet’s lower gravity. When the explosives detonated, the effect was devastating. The bombs, designed for destruction of human-made targets, completely obliterated the weaker Consortium constructs. Whole buildings were swallowed in the fierce fireballs that spread out from the impact zones, igniting other buildings and causing catastrophic damage to that section of the alien defences.
The bomber moved onto the next two targets and repeated the process. Soon, two more enemy bases were burning within minutes of each other. Their mission completed, the pilots took the aircraft back into space and returned to Peregark. They were joined by the other aircraft, the bombers leaving nothing but destruction and chaos in their wake.
Consortium starship Star’s Providence. In Orbit of Capital.
When the human bombers appeared out of Warpspace, Captain Zehltek knew that the time had come for him to make his decision. He had been putting it off for weeks now, always scared that some previously-unknown force would stop them. Now, fate had forced him to make the final choice.
As starships and their crews exploded all around the Star’s Providence, a part of him was tempted to stay and fight with his comrades. That part was quickly brushed aside by the part that knew he and his crew would be doomed if that happened. They would die fighting for a government whose collapse was a certainty. A government that Zehltek had come to realise didn’t even deserve to exist anymore.
The weight of the action he was about to take pressed heavily on him as he began to give the orders.
“Daskar, signal the other ships,” he ordered the Troyon, who nodded in understand, “Helm, set course for Peregark. We’re leaving.”
“Yes sir,” Lieutenant Gralnor replied.
Zehltek didn’t even look as he heard the tell-tale whine of the Commissar’s electron-polariser pistol being charged.
“What!” the political officer bellowed, “This is treason! Stop this at once!”
Everyone on the bridge ignored him. Everyone except for Lieutenant Command Jartoch.
The Commissar pressed the barrel of the gun against Zehltek’s head.
“Captain Zehltek, I am placing you under arrest for desertion and conspiracy to commit treason against the Consortium,” he declared, “If you do not stand down, I will be forced to… ack!”
He was cut off by a stun blast from an electron-polariser.
Turning around, Zehltek saw Jartoch holding a previously concealed hold-out pistol.
“Good shooting, Commander,” the Drek thanked the security officer. The Tark warrior nodded in response.
“Sir, course has been plotted,” reported Gralnor.
“The other ships are standing by, sir,” chimed in Lieutenant Daskar.
“Good. All ships, Engage!” the Captain ordered. The Universe disappeared with a flash of orange as the Star’s Providence left the orbit of Capital, closely followed by ten other starships. As they made the journey the occupied Gark homeworld, Zeltek felt some of the tension leave his body. For better or for worse, they had done it. They had begun their defection from the Consortium.
He just hoped it would be worth it in the end.
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2022.01.27 20:19 Dragonfruit-95 [27/EST/PC/PS4/Switch] - looking for a long-term gaming friend

I personally don't mind a time-zone difference so don't let that stop you, if you're interested you should message me and include what system(s) you play on
Here's a small list of games I currently have downloaded/play to give you an idea. I'm down to buy something if I don't have it and you do (hopefully you're willing to do the same) assuming we both agree it would be worth getting.
• Elder Scrolls Online
• Terraria
• Phasmophobia
• Dead by daylight
• Stardew Valley
• Valheim
• Overwatch
• Old school runescape
• World of Warcraft
• Bloodborne
• Outward
• Don't starve together
• Ashen
• Smite
• Dark souls remastered
• Diablo 2 resurrected
• Animal crossing
• Minecraft
• Monster hunter rise
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2022.01.27 20:19 ThatGuyBert Thoughts on Jags Alumni, Dave Widell?

He’s had a few hot takes on 1010 this week. I’m wondering what the general consensus is on him here.
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2022.01.27 20:19 ComprehensiveList395 how do you know what to do after high school?

i graduated and now what? i literally have no idea what to do and i’m getting kicked out with no job and i’m scared i won’t find a place to live
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2022.01.27 20:19 MediumMethodMedia [LFG] Medium Method Media

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2022.01.27 20:19 slightlyslytherin I’m multidirectional

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2022.01.27 20:19 kinghames fucked up in the club listening to The Best of Hank Williams 20th Century

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2022.01.27 20:19 MiddleChildJCole This is what rare wanted

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2022.01.27 20:19 moxiedoggie Had to buy a new (mini) iPad and yoke mount for my IRL PPL training. Figured I could also use them here.

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2022.01.27 20:19 UpsetLandscape6506 Would y’all buy this jersey?

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2022.01.27 20:19 La-Hannah94 Sabem por que as bolachas de água e sal não são feitas apenas de água e sal?

Por que senão, o mar seria um bolachão!
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2022.01.27 20:19 Competitive_Arm_5376 MK3 Almost unusable due to jumping knob

My Mk3 is 3 years old and recently the first knob (which was always loose ) startted jumping values like crazy whenever making the processes of adjusting values and slicing samples unbearable . Is any fellow redditor in possesion of the wisdom on how to fix this?
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2022.01.27 20:19 Ok_Slip_5417 My First MG: Gundam Astray Red Frame

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