Raise your hand, if you wanna date mE 😎

Maybe you should go back to Europe if your guilt is that strong **-- VegasBuc 11/24/2021 7:16PM Me and My Family wish all my fellow PIRATES a Happy Thanksgiving!😎 ** -- Graybeardthepirate 11/24/2021 6:23PM Do not tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I will tell you what they are. Fortune sides with him who dares. Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot you are right at the End. I was born with a happy heart, and I try to keep a good attitude. F*ck clothes 😎 (full face reveal🙈) 9mo ⋅ samuelandsienna. ... Raise your hand (or your dick) if my petite body makes you hard! 😄 ... I like to think that my petite-ness is really just “concentrated fuckability”. 😋 wanna test it out? 10mo ⋅ cybersofty. I Will Tell You 凸( ェ メ^) Go and fuck you ヽ(´Д`ヽ Sing opera:Þ Sticking out Tongue ᕙ( ‿ )ᕗ Sexy with style ฅʕ♡•ᴥ•ʔ Heart in a bear face (0 0 ) Pretty glad girl ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・° starry sky 🏴󠁭󠁴󠀲󠀳󠁿 Flag for Kirkop (MT-23) -(ᵒ∀ᵒ˵ )/ Great Cheerleader °˚ヽ☻ノ˚° Spread Bubbles New Working Legit Cheat on Counter Strike:GO from the team of our forum. This is a multi-functional hack designed for inconspicuous play, there are all the necessary functions to raise your game rank. For example, there is a well-customizable Legitbot with a large number of features, a convenient... Our café is a safe place where you can meet new friends and talk about your mental health and queer issues and experiences. ☕ We offer: 🌈-An accepting and friendly community where LGBTQIA-phobia is not allowed. 🧠-Channels to talk or ask questions about mental health and find support. 🎪-Fun and engaging channels to keep your mind off ... Answer (1 of 70): So I was sitting in my room jerking off like normal for a 12 yr old boy and my sister 10 yrs old came in and didn't knock. She flipped the lights on and there I was standing naked dick out and jerking. I hide in my bed and she leaves for a bit. I got up to apologize and she come... Think you’re pure in heart? Well, I know I’m a million times as humble as thou art I’m the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like On my knees day and night, scorin’ points for the afterlife So don’t be vain and don’t be whiny Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your heinie We been spending most our lives Anonymous is an international group of people who want equal rights for everyone. Read this topic and know how to join the anonymous group. First, we are going to share few things with our readers who are interested to join the anonymous group. Explore tweets of Skubie Mageza @SkubieMageza on Twitter. Digital host for @ESPN. Former College FB player🏈. Sports Center Snapchat 👻. “CFB show”, “The Wrap up” & “MNT” on ESPN+. #NABJ #NABJsports | Twuko

2021.11.28 11:01 its_me_lazy Raise your hand, if you wanna date mE 😎

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2021.11.28 11:01 Spongemon9 Graphics changes

I can’t even play this fucking game anymore. Lowest graphics and my game looks like a PowerPoint presentation. 0 fps. Please WG add an option to play on previous graphics.
I always liked being able to run this game on a potato pc but can’t ever do that again.
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2021.11.28 11:01 xelM1 “Serenity in the morning”, me, watercolour on paper, 2021

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2021.11.28 11:01 zcmini What are some of the highest paying professions where you only have to work 40 hours a week (or less)?

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2021.11.28 11:01 Superbuddhapunk Serbia 72nd Brigade for Special Operations combat diver

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2021.11.28 11:01 Marshall0071 Why were my final predictions not counted?

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Deal in small increments!

Beware of Impostors pretending to be a legit user submitted by Jj_a_Is_A_Scammer to MCSPlaystation [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 11:01 Unfair-permit Excruciating pain during filling, why?

Had the numbing injection but still felt excruciating pain during drilling...how is this possible?
She gave me a 2nd injection after I said it hurt, but when she drilled a bit further down it hurt again but she said she had to keep going.
Does it mean something is seriously wrong with the tooth? Or am I resistant to the drug (I did go through a period of using valium previously but only up to 10mg a day)? Or is this a sign she is a rubbish dentist?
I will now be terrified to get another filling in future ha.
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2021.11.28 11:01 nuba3799 Wei Ying fanart by me~

Wei Ying fanart by me~ (IG : @_snowizz_)
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2021.11.28 11:01 ChApAgAInkrishna05 Be curious. To eager your aspirin

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2021.11.28 11:01 AshezGlaze Would love to get some feedback on my cs montage(ik it’s a little scuffed)

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2021.11.28 11:01 bipolarthresh Eligibility requirement issues

anyone has any idea why my metamask wallet has an issue and does not meet requirements to collect the tokens
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2021.11.28 11:01 YtisSB7 Latest Safemoon news, updates, stats summary!

Video - https://youtu.be/dy3rQZxssd4
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2021.11.28 11:01 newsdk Øjenvidner fra hestevognsulykke: Det kunne ske for alle

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2021.11.28 11:01 FlightWolf23949 Masura - Waterfall.

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2021.11.28 11:01 horrortheateryt NURSE SHERRI 1978 TV Spot Trailer The original TV spot for one of Al Adamson's classics Nurse Sherri 1978...

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2021.11.28 11:01 Different_Ad_6316 He watched JoJo

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2021.11.28 11:01 JohnnyGuitarFNV 25 [M4F] Netherlands/Europe looking to be together and game with someone awkward like me

Dating apps are just awful for me really. And I get ghosted a lot by everyone for some reason. Maybe I have some kind of Asperger's and I just don't know how to interact with people lol. I even prefer talking in English than Dutch because I am more comfortable with it. It would be nice to meet someone in the Netherlands so we could maybe even meet up, definitely someone in Europe so the time difference isn't too big and we could have a reasonable chance of meeting if it comes to that. Hopefully I can find someone who understands how difficult it is to socialize sometimes and will accept my weirdness. I have a dark and dry sense of humor and fail to take things too seriously. I'd joke about anything once I'm comfortable.
I get along with people who are also a bit awkward, or loners. I'm not into things like going to bars or clubs, and I don't think I could get along with super serious people, where talking (over text) feels like a business meeting. I like chaotic people, and being goofy in my own way. I like theme parks too I really want to go to one. We could also talk about mental health, so it's okay if you're dealing with issues. I did too.
My MBTI is INTP-T, and I have a hard time coming up with random conversation but can talk a lot about things like movies or games or technology, or almost anything if you help me a bit. But hey, if people told you you talk too much, that's fine with me cause I'd love to listen. I also don't mind clingyness, in fact I'd love it if we had lots of time for eachother. I'm fine with calling and sometimes I prefer it, it makes it easier to tell if we match personality wise
I'm into gaming a lot, I only have a PC and I like a big variety of games. Right now it's games like

If you don't play any of these but are open to trying them that's cool too I'd love to introduce you.
I'm also into history a bit, mostly WW2 history and I like watching documentaries about it, or just nature documentaries like Earth. I like anything with technology, and would love to talk about things like that, or about programming too.
I also like watching movies! My favorite is Lord of the Rings and I have to watch it every year in a marathon. The full extended edition! So if you like that and also stuff like marathoning Harry Potter you're good. And if you never watched those I will make you watch it with me :) I also like some horror, comedy, or action movies but it all depends. For tv shows my favorite is Breaking Bad definitely, followed by Better Call Saul. We don't talk about Game of Thrones anymore.
Other than that I like metal music, some rock, drum and bass, some classical music, and most genres I can listen to. My taste isn't very consistent so it just depends on how a certain song is. I do like Sabaton and Powerwolf the most.
Hopefully someone likes this and wants to play some games together. Anywayy shoot me a pm or chat thing if you want to talk, and then let's go to discord or something :)
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2021.11.28 11:01 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/d-gray-man-fille
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2021.11.28 11:01 claysan 80% women in Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka back men beating wives: survey

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2021.11.28 11:01 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar Power Ledger (POWR) event: BitYard Listing - November 29, 2021

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2021.11.28 11:01 clone227 My Mom’s Thanksgiving Drama

I have always had a very difficult relationship with my parents. They were psychologically abusive to me when I was growing up and the bullying, gaslighting, infantilizing, and guilt-tripping has continued into my adult years. Whenever I’ve tried to talk to them about how their behavior is hurtful, they’ve brushed it off and told me I am living in the past and need to get over it and respect them because they are my parents. They have also refused to acknowledge that their bad behavior is an ongoing issue.
I finally cut my parents out of my life completely in 2018 after they acted horribly leading up to and during my wedding (TLDR: this isn’t everything, but my mother tried to control everything even though my husband and I paid for the wedding, then my parents had a giant fight with each other and my mom proceeded to get wasted on mojitos and Xanax and spent the rest of the night running around crying and trying to make everyone feel bad for her and telling everyone she was going to get a divorce).
As of this Thanksgiving, I hadn’t talked to them in a few years and even have their numbers blocked on my phone (which they know). My husband, his parents, and I went to my aunt’s (whom I adore) house for Thanksgiving this year. Another aunt and grandmother came as well and my parents decided to come at the last minute. I wasn’t thrilled but I figured it wouldn’t be that bad because (I thought) there were established boundaries. In any event, I couldn’t bail on Thanksgiving once I found out my parents were coming or else I would risk being called selfish by my family.
So the day of Thanksgiving, I walked into my aunt’s house, said hi to people, and started unpacking the food I had brought to contribute. I didn’t say hi to my parents - they were sitting off to the side so it’s not like I made a show of ignoring them, I just didn’t go out of my way to say hi. Then my mom all of a sudden got up and came right up to me and said “Hi OP” with this giant smile on her face and I mumbled “hi” without making eye contact because I felt super awkward and continued to unpack the food.
The next thing I know, she’s stomping away, dramatically rubbing tears from her eyes, and I see her start opening doors to other rooms, as if she’s looking for people. Her classic pity power play. Then I see her surrounded by my aunts and grandmother and they’re trying to calm her down. And then they all gang up on me and start telling me to stop ignoring my mom as if I’ve done something horrible to her.
This is all happening as I have just walked through the door, and I’m in total shock. I respond that I didn’t ignore her, that I said hi, and that if she doesn’t stop making a scene I’m leaving. She didn’t stop, so me, my husband, and his parents all turned around and left. At that point, we’d been in the house for about 5 minutes.
My husband and I returned later at my aunt’s request after she said she would talk to my mom and ensure she respected boundaries. My mom behaved for the rest of the time we were there, but the damage was done. My aunt who hosted said she was emotionally scarred by the experience and uninvited my husband and I for Christmas, which was crushing to me because I value my relationship with her so much. My mom has always been jealous of me and my aunt’s relationship and has claimed that I treat her more like a mother than her, which also isn’t true since my aunt and I are more like friends since we’re 15 years apart.
TLDR - toxic mother managed to ruin Thanksgiving and create a rift between OP and her aunt by throwing a tantrum over literally nothing.
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2021.11.28 11:01 MacedonianSSJ EA finally blessed me I can’t believe it

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2021.11.28 11:01 stalf We've updated Pushcut this week adding widgets that can be built inside the app and automated with Shortcuts, Zapier or web hooks!

Hello everyone!
I’m one of the developers of Pushcut, and we’ve just released a new update including widgets that can be customized and automated!
What does Pushcut do?
Pushcut now has 3 main uses:

The widgets are a pro feature, and requires an active pro subscription. We’ve left the subscription price unchanged, so our users are getting extra features for the same price they’ve been paying.
Update 2021.6 - TL;DR
Long form
Pushcut already gives you access to immediate feedback through push notifications. The new widgets are here to fill a different need: getting important information right on your iOS Home Screen.
Each widget has an associated content, that can be updated dynamically. This way, you can have the same widget show your calendar entries in the morning 🗓, the sunset time in the afternoon 🌅 and the number of tasks ✅ you’ve finished today in the night.
All widgets can be created using Pushcut’s new Widget Creator! You've got 5 basic components: columns, rows, text, symbols and spacers and these can be easily mixed to create beautiful widgets capable of showing you lots of information!
You can also add [[input]] tags to your contents, and these can be filled dynamically using Shortcuts, Zapier or our URL webhooks.
Everything you build using the widget creator can be shared as JSON structures! And we’ve already got 7 widgets and 4 guides ready for you on Pushcut’s website!
We’ve worked hard to bring you this completely new feature for Pushcut and we can’t wait to see all the widget ideas that you will come up with! So, please, don’t hesitate to share them here, on shortcuts or on our subreddit pushcut, at the Automators forum or @ us on Twitter.
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2021.11.28 11:01 nanavisitor Found in a dead tree stump - Cape Town, South Africa

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