worried my cat may have been exposed to bats

2021.10.21 21:55 bitchbitchbitch____ worried my cat may have been exposed to bats

my cat juniper got into our attic today. he was up there for multiple hours, but not sure how many. when I found him he was terrified and covered in dirt. he frequently gets himself into situations like this, but he seemed more scared than usual. as i was bringing him down the steps i heard screeching and “bird” noises in the attic. we have bats in our attic but i’ve never seen or heard them, we can just see their poop on the floor. i’m extremely concerned that he may have been bit but i can’t get him to a vet right now.
he was vaccinated for rabies in March of 2021 and I checked him for bites and didn’t see anything.
I know bat bites can be extremely small though so I’m still worried. Im also scared he could’ve gone after one of them and killed/ate a bat. I didn’t see anything but I also didn’t look too much because I could hear them flying around and wanted to get out of there.
It was around 6pm so the sun was setting but it was still light out, which really worries me because bats don’t usually come out when it’s light, and I thought them being out during the day is a sign of rabies.
The attic was very hot and it is dirty/unfamiliar to my cat, which could account for his nervousness.
I have him quarantined in my room because I have another cat and a dog and I don’t want to risk him exposing them. I feel awful that he’s secluded in my room and he wants to get out so bad.
Im trying to make it as comfortable as possible and made sure he has food water and a litter box as well as lots of soft blankets and pillows to snuggle and the curtains are up so he can look out the windows.
I don’t know what else to do other than monitor him and hope i can get him to a vet soon.
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2021.10.21 21:55 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - DeSantis’ Surgeon General Outdoes Demon Sperm Doc | The Daily Beast

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2021.10.21 21:55 Massive_Dinner 👻Ghost Doge Token 👻 Stealth Launch 20 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low

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👻Telegram: https://t.me/GhostDogeToken
👻Telegram: https://t.me/GhostDogeToken

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2021.10.21 21:55 IAM_LordTobias When the fans think you’re getting fired but your GM is Stan Bowman…

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2021.10.21 21:55 KrazyATEBeats Looking for beats? I gotchu, fam!

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2021.10.21 21:55 KatyaLott financial freedom!!!

comment if you are interested in becoming financially free!
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2021.10.21 21:55 endenbzhfr Streak 3 Kurztexte

Wir arbeiten als eine Art Klark Spenzer-Utopie und tun unser Bestens, um den bedrohten Tierarten ein Asyl anzubieten und sie von der Jagd auf Fleisch oder anderen Zwecken fernzuhalten. Eine ganz besondere Form von Gehalt steht ihnen auch zur Verfügung.
Sie verfluchte sie, rasend, zerriss ihre Operationskleidung und schmiss sie auf den Boden. "Ihr seid alle Phantome!"
"Was für ein tollwütiges Mädchen, in der Tat." Bieda lachte in einem unheilig hohen Ton.
Herrn starrte die Tür an, woraus sie hinaus floh, sein Gesicht war leer.
Mana trug ihre Gut und Habe und raste die Treppe herunter, doch nach und nach ließ ihre Schritte nach, ihre Sicht wurde auch verwischt. Sie fühlte sich unwohl und eine Menge Tränen rollen ihrem Gesicht herunter, was dazu führte, dass sie nichts sehen konnte außer einem Lichtsfleck.
... Alle sind sich einig, dass wir niemals die Autorität der Mutter untergraben werden, und deine Aufgabe ist es, ihr zu helfen, diese Gruppe zu führen und ihre Bedürfnisse zu befriedigen, wann immer sie es verlangt. Das hast du doch nicht vergessen, oder? Außerdem bist du schuldig, seit du uns als Kinder von ihr jemandem offenbart hast!
“Ich wollte nur Eddy ein paar Sachen erzählen, beruhige dich, er tut nichts.”
– wagtest du es, sie herauszufordern, hättest du kein gutes Ergebnis. Sie hat dir bereits ihre eigene Kinder anvertraut, wonach solltest du dich sonst noch sehnen?”Als er dies sagte, zog Herrn erst die Augenbrauen noch fester zusammen, dann wurde sein Atem scharf, und obwohl sein Herz bereits vor Wut schlug, unterbrach er einfach, “Und will’s denn sie?”
“Ja, sie hat sich nach ihr gesehnt.” Seine Antwort war sehr bestimmt, “Frauchen wird weiterleben. Du willst nicht, dass sie stirbt, oder?”
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2021.10.21 21:55 Lortara-the-Bloody I'm going to be trying to make all my terrain themed after my Corpse Grinder Cult gang all named after death metal songs.

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2021.10.21 21:55 Jazzy_rocks100 It's beautiful

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2021.10.21 21:55 whyamihere----- Need help

I'm trying to run steam vr and I'm getting a steam vr fail saying it's not working properly It's error code 301
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2021.10.21 21:55 phazonxiii DODGY DANCER - my first game ever

I made this in Unity with Playmaker and store-bought assets.
Currently working on a couple others and thinking about some updates for this'un.
Curious to know what you think!
Dodgy Dancer on Itch
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2021.10.21 21:55 nmesunimportnt Texas Governor Appoints Former Trump Lawyer to Oversee Election Review

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2021.10.21 21:55 CVM525 Do you even think they will bother with a Halloween Kills review at this point? So much has already been said

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2021.10.21 21:55 LazyLemon_ I saw this on yt.. Why? Why do ppl like this stuff? Like seriously 10K LIKES?! I'm disappointed. (Srry if repost)

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2021.10.21 21:55 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Biden opens up on taking care of his father | CNN

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2021.10.21 21:55 HotEditor4329 Movies and live sports streaming question?

Just a question to the people that currently have an active Starlink system. Can you stream movies and watch netflix and other streaming services? This would be a new concept for us as we have never been able been able to that or subscribe to any of those services.
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2021.10.21 21:55 turtlefly25 I need pointers for PS4 Hollow Knight 😬

Hey all you Grubbas and friendly bugs!
I’m playing Hollow Knight for the 2nd time and I just feel like I suck. 😭😬😅 I went ahead and started a new game, but now I’m posting it live hour by hour so I can rewatch it to see how I can get better.
My goal is to get a higher percentage of completion from my first play through.
If y’all got a minute can y’all help me out ? Any tips ?
You can watch my videos on YouTube: TurtleFly25 is my channel. This is from yesterday (my latest).
Love y’all!! ❤️❤️❤️
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2021.10.21 21:55 Outrageous-Leg-4452 I was farming CW domain to upgrade my Hutao artifacts but I guess it wanted me to upgrade my Albedo goblet as well

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2021.10.21 21:55 Bionic164 Level Boost Dilemma

Alright so here's the deal: I bought heart of thorns a long time ago and It came with a boosted character. I recently started playing again, but I leveled a warrior instead of playing on the boosted character because it felt alien to me. I'm considering leveling a new character of that profession, and deleting the old one. Any advice one way or the other is appreciated.
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2021.10.21 21:55 kalashmatick how does addiction create low psychologically?

Carr wrote that physically addiction is 1%, mentally 99%. how does addiction create low psychologically?
as I understand we face negative event "I deprivated from drug" and because of this low created
P.S. english not my native language, sorry for mistakes...
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2021.10.21 21:55 ScarlettBitch_ My 2nd great-grandfather may have massacred aboriginals

So, I've been researching my familly history, and my dad grew interested in what I was doing. Eventually, he asked me if I wanted to know the 'skeleton's in the closet'. Of course, I said yes. I'd rather know than remain ignorant, right?
He started tearing up, and I kinda knew what he was going to say. For context, my father's family came from South Australia, in an very rural town, and originally came to Australia as colonists. Apparently, when my great-granduncle died, when they were cleaning out his house, they found a heap of guns - and some handguns. You can see where this is going. According to my family, my 2nd great-grandfather was a policeman in this rural town, and he used to hand out licences for killing aboriginal people.
When my dad told me, I was shocked to say the least, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. We had a good cry, and talked for a bit.
In know I shouldn't feel guilty for what my ancestors did in the 1800s, but I do. Immensely. I feel like I should try to extend an olive branch, maybe try to support aboriginal communities in my area, something like that. But at the moment, everytime I think about it, I feel like sobbing my heart out at the hurt my familly had caused a whole population of people.
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2021.10.21 21:55 DietCokeGamer Does anyone have the ID for the most recent Bob-Omb Battlefield custom stage?

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2021.10.21 21:55 throwawayy81926 Trying to work on my pitch, is this an improvement?

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2021.10.21 21:55 owletarc Adam, Yang & The Exploration of Anger.

Original tumblr post found here.
I’m ruminating back on the mentality towards a friend’s blog a while back where when they said they “wrote Adam in part to explore their anger”, the entitled anon shot back with why they couldn’t just “write a character like Yang” & that she “wasn’t good enough for them?” which while also being wholly reductive, also ignores the difference of anger between Adam & Yang & how that anger is explored.
For example; I have done character introspectives on Yang in the past exploring her anger from the perspective of someone with not only parental [mainly maternal] trauma like her, but as someone with BPD. Yang exhibits a lot of the symptoms of bpd & honestly I write her with that in mind.
But Yang’s anger in the narrative is nothing like Adam’s.
Yang’s anger is interpersonal, it’s her anger at her mother for abandoning her, her sister for leaving, Blake for lying. It’s the culmination of being hurt by people again & again & again. Yang’s anger is also pretty validated, most of the time, in the narrative of the show & in extra material like songs & commentary. Yang is allowed to be angry, yang is allowed to demand retribution for her anger in a way that should allow her to heal — it doesn’t, but that’s a different rant.
However Adam’s anger is systemic. He is a minority in the world of Remnant, unlike Yang who is a privileged human. Adam’s anger has also had no kind hand to nurture it to some level of tamed softness like Yang has; unlike Yang, Adam had no little sister who adored him, no father who would do anything for him, no uncle or friends. Adam was a canonical child slave who was abused & broken & isolated by the society around him at every turn. Even comparing him to other Faunus like Blake who is comparatively privileged — growing up in a loving family as essentially the Faunus princess & canonically having lived in the mansion on Menagerie for a long period of time — Adam has none of that.
His anger is also not only invalidated by the narrative by painting him as a monster for not asking for his rights nicely, but feeds into the almost cartoonish revenge of not just asking for equality, but demanding genocidal retribution. Which IRL is a fear a lot of bigoted white people have against the rise for social justice in the past decade, unfairly so. They believe that the increase of rights for another race means borderline extinction of theirs. Adam can’t just be allowed to be angry at the systemic injustices against not only him & his people, painting his anger as incompetence or something dangerous in a White Comfort fuelled narrative, but his anger in the show also then shifted from that systemic injustice to an interpersonal issue with Blake which did him a disservice.
RT’s narrative around Adam & his anger, or even Ilia & her anger, where they are dangerous, detrimental to the Faunus & made to be borderline genocidal only helps fuel not only this White Comfort narrative of you must placate your oppressors, but that if you are angry at an injustice done against you in the wrong way — you do not & will not get justice until you behave & mold yourself to fit your oppressors view of someone who does. This was shown in Ilia, her fighting back against the girls in oppressive Atlas was framed as something showing her fall to darkness, & she wasn’t allowed any narratively approved justice or validation until she joined Blake & followed the privileged Belladonna’s worldview. Adam killing a murderous, racist human in *self defense*** was painted similarly, his fall to darkness, & he wasn’t given any narrative leeway to be more than Blake’s vengeful ex, rather than a victim of an oppressive system that the Belladonnas & human society at large still have a hand in upholding.
These are a lot of words to essentially say that Yang & Adam’s anger narratively are not the same. They were not written the same & they were not treated the same due to the white writers inherent prejudices & biases around these situations; & different people will relate to their anger in different ways. None of the latter is bad but it is not up for people to demand that people express their anger through the “correct” channels, as that is still following the biased mindset of the show itself & at the end of the day, only serves to further harmful systems that restrict people & reinforce the status quo.
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2021.10.21 21:55 MunchyChipz Does anyone know a good site to the read manga

I've tried looking at multiple sites for the manga but most sites usually were bad and had way too many ads, so I'm just wondering if there are better sites
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