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2021.10.21 20:32 getvansreddit The Details 👌

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2021.10.21 20:32 Lady-Vera Do the dm question thingy fuck I'm tired

Too lazy to post the image so dewit
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2021.10.21 20:32 Emmawatsonbikini Emma Watson ,WTF

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2021.10.21 20:32 vegantarantulalady karma 4 karma

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2021.10.21 20:32 WitheredBarry New PTR, so McCree can just roll away from us in the air now? Is that what I'm reading? At this point, just delete Doom from the game, even the clunky cowboy can air dodge.

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2021.10.21 20:32 ceeejay09 Idea of Apocalypse & D/D/D Structure Deck

I might be a bit out of the loop but weren’t we supposed to get a new box + deck today?
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2021.10.21 20:32 cloudgoodsco Looking for a pair of over-ear headphones that I can use on my commute as well as play guitar with

I am looking for a pair of over-ear headphones that I will be able to take with me anywhere as well as use a 1/4inch converter so I can plug it into my Orange mini amp. I’d like to be able to practice music without pissing off my roommates.
Budget: around $350USD Bluetooth: preferably available as I will be taking the train and people are known to snatch wired headphones I heard there were headphones you can attach a cable to so that might be nice? Idk I’m new to this.
If anyone is willing to help I’d greatly appreciate it!
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2021.10.21 20:32 ChespinWfork Cursed Undertale Day 1: Simplistic sans

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2021.10.21 20:32 Lantec62 Useless coupon code for part for Blink Doorbell

So I got an email from Amazon saying that the corner (angle) adapter for the new doorbell didn't ship with the doorbell and here's a coupon to order one free instead of just sending the damn thing. I follow the links in the email and put in the extremely long lines of characters and it's invalid. Tried it copy clipped (it's like 200+ characters) and I tried typing it in myself (just once) neither worked.
So now I don't have a part I need for the doorbell that's on the way and I wasted an hour trying to order the fing thing with the coupon only to give up. It's $13+ dollars and right now I'm too pissed to pay it but I likely will tomorrow since I can't use a camera that looks at the backside of an arch.
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2021.10.21 20:32 Professional-Taro525 💎 Axienomics 💎Play 2 Earn NFT Game Coming! Multiple celebrities on board! Launch today after presale filled! Whitelist competition on going!🔥

Our community is growing rapidly, MORE AND MORE to come at launch!
Our sweepwidget competition for whitelist presales spots is ON GOING!
Sweepwidget -
💎LAUNCH after presale filled
1: Many big celebrities will be collaboration with us
2: There will be billboards in NYC on Wednesday
3: Play to earn games Trailer launching soon
It is one of the first unique
🔥 Rebase + Rewards (AXS) + Buyback
🔥Anti Snipe and Anti Bot with 7% tax.
There will be 3 games
1.Basic Graphics Game
2 Mid graphic Game

💸5% Rewards AXS ( Axie Infinity )
🎯5% Marketing
🔥2% Buyback wallet
💰3% Added to the Liquidity
🚀P2E NFT Game Coming🚀
🌎 Contract Address: 0xc17AdbbF8FE3f6853c929C9f935372C4661957A5
🌎 Pancakeswap:
🌎Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 20:32 Elpug24

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2021.10.21 20:32 MaffYootube My first pack in 13 years!! (Definitely a case of beginners luck)

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2021.10.21 20:32 dylbuns Conventional politeness, and the damage it causes.

Has anyone explicitly written about the little white lies that we all tell ourselves and each other in society? How these things we say aim to save face, and spare feelings, just end up prolong mediocrity through the denial suffering-which just delays growth? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated
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2021.10.21 20:32 alucardspistol [LF] Stacks of wood OR stalls [FT] Name your price/nook miles tickets

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2021.10.21 20:32 Blue_Fox9 Someone came to visit 😍

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UPDATED UFT. ISO: ALL BLACK EMILY, MYRTLE, ZACHARY, TAN OOGIE, RONNIE, BENNY, BRINA, ZOZO, OTTO 🖤 submitted by lochamber99 to BSTsquishmallow [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 20:32 Robinjo1985 Shelley FKA DRAM

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2021.10.21 20:32 canadiancookies Short series "Dope sick" infuriates me

Anyone else seen this new series? It's 4 episodes. The way they are portraying people with pain is pissing me off, and I feel this is only going to add to the already ridiculous stigma with pain treatment. Both sides in this show are wrong.
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2021.10.21 20:32 scoobydoo0919 I can't tell if this girl likes me or not

There is a girl in one of my classes that although we don't sit next to each other, whenever we leave class she tries to slow down so that she can talk to me after class (since she sits next to the door and I'm on the complete opposite side of the room). I barely know her, she just knows my sister, so I can't tell if she is just trying to be nice since she knows my sister. I've noticed she also started doing it more, like the past 2 days she has slowed down to talk to me and was even asking me about a test we had. I really don't know how to feel about this, because I don't know if this is just being friendly or not. Anyone have any idea what's going on or any advice on what to do?
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2021.10.21 20:32 No_Dig_610 🐶 Floki Gravity | Rebase + Buyback with own Ecosystem | Launching Soon on BSC 🚀

Combining the newly introduced elastic supply mechanics META along with clever buybacks, calculated social marketing movement and several upcoming tools, FLOKI GRAVITY will establish itself as a mass adoption unparalleled DEFI pioneer champion.
Floki Gravity is the first born FLOKI from the newly introduced elastic supply token META. This means that $FLOKIG supply (total number of tokens) is always decreasing, leading each token to a mathematically guaranteed price of $1,337,000 USD. Supply and price changes happen every 4 hours if they weren’t already manually triggered by the FlokiHammer and they are called “Rebases”. Rebases will push the price to a rising price peg by burning supply, making it a gravity-free upcoin.
Floki Gravity has its own ecosysyem that will introduce FlokiSwap, FlokiPad , FlokiMerch and FlokiDashboard.Also, it aims to support St. Jude Hospital Charity that is affiliated with none other than Elon Musk himself.100%of profit from merchandise, along with a % of all fees from the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM💪
Unlike other rebase coins, Floki Gravity has very LOW FEES for each transaction. With just a total of 9% tax on every buy or sell, you are sure to get much from your investment. It is also safe with DOXXED DEVS BobbyZ, Chef P and Mike D It’s also passed 2 contract audit reports from DessertSwap Finance and TechAudit.
✅3% to Liquidity
✅3% to Buyback
✅3% to Marketing
To know more about the project, visit their social media accounts now and don't miss out in their launch.
🚀 Contract Address: 0xD7d0438d7CD46Fdb32253595367d891a63A5d18F
🚀Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 20:32 3F4Tom Dune not Streaming in IMAX Ratio on HBO Max

Just a quick FYI for anyone wondering.
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2021.10.21 20:32 imkindaspiffy Why was the Hindu god arrested?

He was heavily armed
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2021.10.21 20:32 reddonson Redeeming Coin for XYO in Trust Wallet

How long does it take for my redeemed XYO usually take to appear in Trust Wallet?
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2021.10.21 20:32 itsmepingu NMom and cancer stage diagnosis.. don’t know how to feel?

Found out NMom has stage 1B breast cancer
So a few months back After I cut contact I found out my NMom has breast cancer, it was stage zero at that point, but now it’s developed into 1A or 1B due to having to wait to see an oncologist and waiting for next step testing and I’m unsure how to feel now since the development of her disease. I only found out about all of this through my aunt (she’s nothing like my mom and actually cares for me) and she phoned me about 20 minutes ago with the update. My mom is 65 and it’s believed she’s going to opt to cut it out but I’m not sure what the success rates in older women are, especially since her health and thyroid health have always been on the not so good side and she hasn’t taken care of herself at all and is overweight…
So is she going to be in a grave or will she be around for another few years? Such mixed feelings…
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2021.10.21 20:32 mshoneybadger I ache for Christine and her worry wrinkle 😢 it's not fair

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