Stefan Mychajliw plays race card in Hamburg supervisor election

2021.10.21 22:24 YewwEsEh Stefan Mychajliw plays race card in Hamburg supervisor election

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2021.10.21 22:24 yosh711 I made a dark-world version of my Yoshi OC.

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2021.10.21 22:24 shiny_chikorita What can I do for my homeless brother with substance issues?

This has been an ongoing problem for years but it's kind of come to a head recently. I live 4400 miles away and feel so helpless. He was doing so well for a period of time and then a few years ago fell off the wagon bad and his mental health has been awful since. My mom has offered to pay for him to go to rehab, but he has so much anxiety about being judged he refuses to go. I don't think he's currently using (i don't even know where he'd get the money for it) but my mom refuses to let him stay with her.
He's really hard to get a hold of too. He never answers calls and only replies to texts once in a blue moon. I'm worried sick about him. Is he safe? Is he healthy? Does he have food? I'm so far away and feel so powerless.
Does anyone have any advice that's been in this situation? It's so hard.
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2021.10.21 22:24 tengg Kurapika's chains

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2021.10.21 22:24 qwenmn AUSTRALIA TO ALLOW TRAVEL FROM S'PORE SOON In a press conference, Prime Minist...

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2021.10.21 22:24 Kitsumon_admin We have officially launched the Kitsumon Discord Activity Competition.

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2021.10.21 22:24 69bays Alguno con el nuevo de More Álvarez?

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2021.10.21 22:24 WuicyWelon School trip with with their teacher apparently.

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2021.10.21 22:24 Bad_PLayer64 How can you animate?

How can you animate I cant seem to find the animate button and the add animation button is hidden.
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2021.10.21 22:24 Deadgrunt433 Starship troopers.

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2021.10.21 22:24 arch1tect_wannabe Most Men

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2021.10.21 22:24 Round-Amount310 Am i the only one who is glad they are alone again?

It’s been 5 months later for me and not only am i over here, but i also am glad that i’m not committed to someone. The freedom of that is way better for me then i thought
her name was ligma btw
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2021.10.21 22:24 Erramayhem89 Above the Weeping World has so many epic songs

It's like the whole album is nothing but epic songs full of emotion and huge leads
I wish they would make another album like this
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2021.10.21 22:24 eleutherae Scratched my table. Help!

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2021.10.21 22:24 NJScreenwriter 37/m seeking FWB Chubby Bearded Confident Man

6' chubby bearded dude just looking for a FWB. Pretty open, don't discriminate or judge. Looking for a somewhat regular thing, daytime preferred as it's easier with work. North jersey more ideal.
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2021.10.21 22:24 SarahJulie18 Blurry picture of a cat

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2021.10.21 22:24 dastraner Earliest known instance of AGPposting and of the word "tranny" being used on 4chan

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2021.10.21 22:24 levsramos2006 Naruto back in the day

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2021.10.21 22:24 cat-doggo Heated argument

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2021.10.21 22:24 Westonm1212 A L I E N S

Am I the only one who thinks A L I E N S should have been the blueprint for MOTS? Something about that song along with its companions on the Kaleidoscope EP All I Can Think About Is You and Hypnotised sound really great and I wish they would have gone in that type of direction.
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2021.10.21 22:24 Knario1954 darkandbizarre

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2021.10.21 22:24 weeniebutt2 ISAB why, just why?

ISAB why, just why? ISAB: Uses buffs against Lych

Everyone with a functional brain:
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2021.10.21 22:24 carhartbeanie THE RETURN OF HAMPTON BRANDON

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2021.10.21 22:24 hapemask [novice question] Backcountry-Focused First-Time Skiing?

Normally I’d post this on a noob questions sticky or something but I don’t see one here. No need to upvote, I’d just appreciate any and all advice.
TL;DR: Is it feasible to start as a first-time skier and learn to ski in non-groomed terrain (mellow backcountry / snow-covered hiking trails) with the aim of eventually skiing in the backcountry proper? Are there courses / group lessons for this in western WA? I haven’t really found anything besides resort lessons and guided trips for people with ski experience. Is this a stupid question and should I just start with resort lessons?
I enjoy hiking pretty seriously, especially backcountry/wilderness trips and scrambles. Now that I live in an area where there are real mountains, I’d like to continue to be out in them even when things are covered in snow. Basically I want to just continue to hike as I would in other seasons except on skis / skins. I don’t care about aggressive / technical skiing (not sure the proper term for it, but no jumps / tricks / big cliffs), just “dangerous snow hiking” as I saw in some comment elsewhere on this sub.
I’ve never skied before but I have a decent amount of rock climbing experience and I know that I really wish I had started outdoors instead of the gym. For climbing that’s totally doable. Is it possible to “start outdoors” for skiing? As in, learn to ski on snow that resembles real (non-groomed) conditions with uphill and downhill parts? Since I don’t have any interest in solo skiing and, unlike climbing, I can imagine a novice skier is not an appealing partner, does any resort or guide service in western WA offer group lessons for this kind of thing to maybe meet others with similar interests? Or is this a bad analogy and should I really start with resort ski lessons for awhile?
Before anyone points out the safety issues: I know taking an avalanche course is perhaps the most important part of safely traveling in the winter backcountry (skiing or otherwise). I plan to take one, but they all require or strongly recommend skiing experience beforehand (and it seems for a few AIARE courses I looked at in WA, they expect that you will ski out to wherever the outdoor lessons are held, so basically it’s a prerequisite).
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2021.10.21 22:24 Idiotsyncracies Will Ryte! Awesome new Rap and Hip Hop music! If You like Post Malone, You'll Love Will RYTE!

Hey Guys! Trying to get some hype around my boy! BIG TIME CANADIAN UP AND COMER! Love this community guys! Any support is super appreciated! 🔥 🔥
Peace & Love!
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